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The ESSE Project aims to support “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through the reduction in rates of early school-leaving” across Europe. With all member states working towards the target of less than 10% early school leaving by the year 2020 in these very challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to facilitate the sharing of best practice across Europe. 

The main objectives of the ESSE Project therefore are to identify, assess and validate best practice models for prevention, intervention and compensation in relation to early school-leaving. These best practice models are now shared on the ESSE Observatory; an online space designed for this purpose. There has been a focus on recycling best practice methodologies and philosophies with a view to learning from what has been tried and tested. Finally, the project culminated in the first ESSE Annual Awards at the end of 2014. This provided a platform for recognising the excellent work that is already happening in the education sector with regards to tackling this all important issue.

Join the growing network of education managers, education professionals and support workers by registering with the ESSE Observatory today. Play your part in addressing early school-leaving by interacting with your fellow education professionals throughout Europe on this dedicated online channel and enjoy access to best practice tools and resources to support you in your work.